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NRS helps 501(C)3 organizations to develop customized and comprehensive insurance/risk management programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are employees and the organization covered if an accident happens while an employee is driving his or her own vehicle while on company business?

It is very common for non-profit employees to use their own vehicles while on company business. The organization should purchase Non-Owned and Hired Automobile Liability Coverage. In the event of an accident the employee’s own coverage is primary. The Hired and Non-Owned Liability limit is excess of whatever limit the employee has. This coverage protects both the organization and the employee and is both readily available and low cost.

Does my organization need to purchase Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance?

Your by-laws most likely include an indemnification clause to protect and indemnify your board members in the event an allegation is brought against them. Insurance provides this protection and is readily available.

How do I protect my employees and volunteers from an auto or liability lawsuit?

Employees and volunteers should be included as named insureds on your General Liability, Professional Liability, Automobile Liability and Umbrella Liability policies. Normally, there is no charge to add them.

Are my volunteers covered under Workers Compensation?

While volunteers can be covered under workers compensation this depends on state law as well as the insurance company who may or may not cover volunteers. Many organizations purchase accident coverage for their volunteers when workers compensation is not available. Be sure to know how and if your volunteers are protected. Ask your broker.

What are adequate limits of Liability?

While no one can say positively that you are carrying enough coverage, the limit does depend on your size and type of operation. In general, $1,000,000 primary limits are considered basic. Whether to purchase excess limits should be discussed thoroughly with your board and insurance broker.

How important is it to keep track of losses?

You should request and keep your loss runs each year. Your broker can supply these for you quickly. They are absolutely necessary for you to obtain competitive bids as well as understanding how your organization is performing.

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There are many questions that non profit organizations have regarding their insurance, and most can be answered by a knowledgeable broker. Don’t be afraid to ask.

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